Adults: WAIS-IV (EN)

The WAIS-IV EN (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition, English language) is an individually administered clinical instrument designed to assess the cognitive ability of adolescent and adults aged from 16 till 90 years old. The WAIS-IV provides subtest and composite scores that represent intellectual functioning in specific cognitive domains, as well as a composite score that represents general intellectual ability (i.e., Full Scale IQ).

The WAIS-IV is composed of 15 subtests. The test framework is organized into four index scales: Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory, and Processing Speed. Each scale contributes to the Full Scale, which is used to derive the Full Scale IQ.

As a psychoeducational tool, the WAIS-IV can be used to obtain a comprehensive assessment of general cognitive functioning. It can be used as part of an assessment to identify intellectual disability (i.e., mental retardation), intellectual giftedness, and cognitive strengths and weaknesses in examinees with a variety of neurological conditions. Results can serve as a guide for treatment planning and placement decisions, to supply invaluable clinical information for academic and neuropsyhological evaluations, and to provide reliable and valid data for research purposes.

In light of the complexities of test administration, diagnoses, and assessment, employees of Together Psychology are trained and experienced In the administration and interpretation of the WAIS-IV test. We are experienced in testing examinees with a variety of ages, linguistic backgrounds, and clinical, cultural, or educational histories.

We are located in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Geldermalsen and offer test administration throughout the country – see our list of locations.

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